Regional Environmental Expert Network of Central Asia
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GREEN CA is a community that brings together organizations and independent experts from Central Asia, whose activities affect various fields of interaction between
the economy and the environment.

The mission of the network is to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources by bringing together experts and using their knowledge to help Central Asia with the transformation towards green economies and low-carbon development.
Our principles
Integration and synergy of accumulated, interdisciplinary experience as well as to apply methods and expert potential of Central Asia.
Fact-based decision-making
Analysis of the current situation based on verifiable data to
promote the principles of a green economy in a pragmatic and practical way
The work of experts and organizations within the network is aimed at developing new and promotion of existing tools and measures to ensure the sustainable development of various sectors of the economy, such as industry, energy, transport, agriculture and others, including through the improvement of policies and legislation.

We conduct interdisciplinary researches and implement practical actions that contribute to solving such problems as adaptation to climate change, the inefficient use of resources and energy, the preservation of biodiversity and natural ecosystems.
Our fields of activities
Expertise and consulting
Capacity building
Project management
Events hosting
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Administrative team:
Dmitriy Kalmykov
+7 777 740 0437
Zhyrgal Kozhomberdiev
+996 559 227 712
Anna Andreychuk
+7 705 251 1564
Mariya Tyuryuchsheva
+7 701 736 5937
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